Google will clear your entire Google Maps history

Google gaat je complete Google Maps-geschiedenis wissen

To protect your privacy, Google will delete your entire Google Maps history unless you take action to save it locally.

It’s a big change for Google Maps. Your personal history Become You’re no longer linked to your Google Account, but to your smartphone. This means, among other things, that you can no longer view your schedule on the web.

If you still want to keep this schedule, you can save it to your smartphone. To do this, go to Google Maps, click on your profile picture and choose “Your Timeline.” There you can indicate in the settings that you want to save your data.

Until December 1

Google announced last December that your data will soon be stored locally and will no longer reside in the cloud. Users are now receiving emails about this change. Don’t panic just yet, as the email notes that users have until December 1 to save all trips locally.

If you don’t choose before December, Google will automatically try to save your data from the past 90 days on the first device you signed in with your Google Account. All old data will then be automatically deleted.

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