Google surprises with new Pixel event, and this is expected

Google verrast met een nieuw Pixel-event, dit wordt er verwacht

Google is holding its annual hardware event significantly earlier this year: mid-August instead of October. These new Pixel devices are expected to arrive.

On August 13, Google will unveil “the latest versions of Android, Pixel, and Google AI” at its annual Made by Google event, the company announced this evening. In recent years, the Made By Google event has typically been held in October, making the new timing very eye-catching. For example, last year’s Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro were introduced in the first week of October.

The Pixel 9 smartphones will likely be unveiled at the August presentation, which will be held at Google’s headquarters in California, although that is not 100 percent confirmed yet. In addition to new hardware, expect all kinds of new AI functionality.

Pixel 9 Pro

According to rumors, in addition to the Pixel 9, there will be two versions of the Pixel 9 Pro this time around: an XL version that is the same large size as the current 8 Pro and a new, smaller version. One of the changes in the Pixel 9 Pro is the redesigned camera island on the back.

A new Pixel 9 Pro Fold is also expected and this foldable phone will also have a different camera design.

New Pixel watch

Additionally, Google could announce the new Pixel Watch 3, which is rumored to have a similar design to previous Google smartwatches. Additionally, the Pixel Buds Pro 2 appears to be on the market.

Before the Google event, almost all the details had leaked in recent years. However, there is less time for that this year. There’s also a possibility that Google won’t announce all the new Pixel smartphones yet, and that some product launches won’t happen until the fall.

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