“Google pulls YouTube Premium subscriptions purchased via VPN” – IT Pro – News

That’s true too, but I don’t want our government to get involved in this kind of topic. This concerns a commercial service that is not essential to the functioning of the state.

First, a different perspective, that is, the perspective of other companies. Quoting prices is annoying for competitors who cannot sell their products this way. Spotify can’t give itself away as “free” to a popular video service. No one else has such a large video service. This is not in the interest of the free market, competition, innovation and price development. These are sufficient reasons to disallow linking.
Monitoring the free market is a classic government task.

You don’t have to do anything, you can decide not to use it.

Realistically, most people can’t do that. The Internet is full of sites that use videos from YouTube, including Tweakers.net. If you want to use the Internet “normally”, you cannot ignore YouTube, and we are not only talking about entertainment, but also about educational materials and guides.
There are still people here at Tweakers who know how to block a website, but for most people, this is already very complicated. They can’t avoid YouTube without avoiding the Internet entirely.
This no longer fits this world. The world expects you to have the Internet, including the government. Not participating in this is difficult, to say the least. The government should help people improve their lives, not help push them further into the clutches of commerce.

Don’t underestimate the power of social networking and the human need to participate in a group. Sorry if this sounds disrespectful, but this is just a characteristic of social animals. Human intelligence consists largely of our ability to imitate each other. We can learn by watching what others do and imitating it ourselves. This pattern is deep within us.

It is not necessary to participate in this, just as it is not necessary to descend from the ladder. It has nothing to do with free choice because you cannot live in the Netherlands without encountering stairs.

It’s of course not as important as access to clean drinking water, but YT and Google’s influence on society is significant enough that only the government can set the limits.

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