Google is working on an artificial intelligence feature for Chrome to search your browsing history – Computer – News

It’s noteworthy how far behind Chrome is in AI integration compared to Edge. Since January 2023, I have switched from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge due to Chrome’s limited functionality and high RAM usage. Microsoft introduced AI within two months and achieved AI integration in Edge within six months.

I switched back to Chrome in April, because I prefer the full suite of products from Microsoft or Google, but that’s another story. After two weeks of using Chrome, I was disappointed. Language and spelling tools were limited, there was no AI, and everything I needed required me to download an extension designed by someone else. Chrome was more like a browser designed for kids.

I recommend anyone who hasn’t tried Edge yet to give it a try. It’s extremely useful to quickly ask an AI a question, summarize a page, convert something, translate something, look up the meaning of something, or rewrite text in clearer language without having to open a new web page.

I used Edge to rewrite this text because I tend to write sloppy and messy in long texts. This can be easily done by selecting the text, after which a button to retype it will immediately appear (I recommend checking it).

But Chrome has a feature to view your history…so… 8)7

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