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Google is working on a feature for Pixel phones that will notify users if their phones are overheating, with steps they can take to cool down their devices. Mishal Rahman of Android Authority found out.

Discover the Most Gracious In the Device Health Services apk for Pixel phones, Google is working on a feature called Adaptive Thermal. Users receive a notification when their phone temperature reaches 49°C. The message indicates that the phone is overheating and needs to cool down. Google announces, among other things, that the company is reducing the phone’s performance and disabling the 5G network to cool the phone.

Users can then press a button to see what steps they can take to prevent overheating. The company then offers various tips, for example not to use the phone directly under the sun, placing the device outdoors for better ventilation, and closing intensive applications such as games and the camera. The function will then monitor the temperature every five minutes. If the pixel temperature reaches 52 degrees, the feature will go into “emergency mode,” but Rahman doesn’t know exactly what that means. Google may then take more drastic measures to cool the smartphone.

At 55 degrees, users receive a notification that the phone will turn off in thirty seconds. Google is currently taking such measures to cool down the device, but now users are being informed about it and providing them with tips on how to ensure the phone’s temperature cools down themselves. It is unclear if and when this functionality will actually become available.

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