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According to sources from The Information, Google is lagging behind in developing its first Tensor-soc. It’s supposed to come out next year, but it’s now scheduled for 2025. The current Tensor Socks are designed with Samsung.

development Works according to information sources In the back because teams are spread all over the US and India. It will be difficult to divide and coordinate work between these two teams. In addition, there will be a high staff turnover rate in both teams. Due to these problems, the specified deadlines were not met, so the chip will not be ready for mass production in 2024. Google now expects to be able to produce the soc a year later.

Since the 2021 Pixel 6 series, Google has launched smartphones with Tensor socs. Still made in collaboration with Samsung, Google modifies certain parts of the soc and adds its own CPU for AI tasks. Samsung produces these socks. Since the first Tensor-soc, Google has increasingly been replacing Samsung parts with its own Google parts, The Information writes.

With the first Tensor-soc, which may be called Tensor G5, the company no longer wants to depend on Samsung. SOC will get ARM based cores, just like now. Google plans to make the soc by TSMC on TSMC’s 3nm process, according to sources.

This process has many advantages over Samsung process. For example, the TSMC variant is more efficient, which means that socs can be made more powerful and more energy efficient. Google may also want to use soc for other products, such as VR products.

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