Gigabyte presents the first Intel Z890 and AMD X870E motherboards – Computer – News

Gigabyte unveiled its new line of Z890 motherboards for Intel Arrow Lake desktop CPUs coming in Q4 2024 at the Computex trade show in Taiwan. The manufacturer also unveiled X870E motherboards that support Ryzen 9000 CPUs.

At Computex, Gigabyte showed off five Z890 motherboards: Aorus Tachyon, Aorus Master, Aorus Ultra, Aorus Elite, and Aero G. The motherboards are equipped with an LGA 1851 socket and support future Intel Arrow Lake CPUs for desktops that will be available before Next year. Expected end this year.

The manufacturer also revealed X870E motherboards for the Ryzen 9000 series of desktop PCs that AMD announced on Monday. The X870E Aorus Xtreme is the flagship. All motherboards in this series have USB4. The ASM4242 chip is used for this purpose, about which Tweakers already wrote a seminal article last year. The boards include a new WiFi connector to connect antennas without the need for screwing.

Z890 motherboards will be released alongside Intel Arrow Lake CPUs in the fourth quarter of this year. The X870E motherboards will likely debut a little later than the Ryzen 9000 CPUs, which will be released in July. The exact date has not been announced. Gigabyte also releases several motherboards in the White Ice edition. The manufacturer also showcased its first AM5 socket cableless motherboard at Computex, the Aorus B650E Stealth Ice.

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