Four people arrested on charges of deleting people from the Interpol database – Computer – News

Four people have been arrested in Moldova on suspicion of removing wanted persons from Interpol’s systems. The suspects are said to have accepted bribes from cybercriminals to share data with them and delete it from systems.

The investigating authority wrote that the data was located in Interpol’s so-called Red Notice system On his website. A Red Notice is an international investigative request for wanted criminals.

The cybercriminals allegedly offered the four suspects a bribe to share information from the Red Notice System with them. The suspects were also asked to block and remove red notices. According to the Moldovan police The suspects received millions of dollars in bribes.

INTERPOL has detected attempts to block and remove Red Notices in a small number of cases. Interpol says immediate internal action was taken. The problem was also reported to the French police, as Interpol is present in France. France launched a joint investigation with Great Britain and Moldova, after which several house searches were carried out in Moldova on 4 June. Four people were arrested.

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