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Oud-president: verkiezingen kunnen Frankrijk 'in chaos storten'

Holding parliamentary elections in France within two weeks is a “huge risk,” according to former President Nicolas Sarkozy. He fears that the country will “plunge into chaos” and then find it difficult to emerge from it again.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced parliamentary elections a week ago. He did so because the French voted en masse for the right-wing National Rally in the European elections.

“I can’t pretend like nothing happened.”

“I cannot pretend that nothing happened,” Macron said on the evening of the announcement of the European election results. On June 30 and July 7, the French can go to the polls again to choose the country’s government. In fact, parliamentary elections will not be held again in France for another three years.

The suddenly announced election is a bad idea, according to former President Nicolas Sarkozy, who led the country between 2007 and 2012. In Journal du Dimanche He talks about “tremendous danger.”

Sarkozy warned that “the country could sink into chaos and we will have great difficulty getting out of it.”

According to Sarkozy, the fact that many French people voted in large numbers for Marine Le Pen’s National Front party earlier this month constitutes a clear warning. “There is a huge risk that these voters will remain stuck in their anger,” he says.


The former president fears they will vote for Le Pen again later this month. “Giving the French the opportunity to make their voices heard, after they have just cast their votes, is strange, to say the least,” he told the newspaper.

Another veteran also joined the discussion. Former President François Hollande (2012-2017) announced yesterday that he would run for elections again because he “wants to do what he can” to prevent Le Pen from coming to power.

Disturbances in the stock market

The announced elections raised concerns among investors on the Paris Stock Exchange. They fear political instability in France and its impact on public finances. France’s main CAC40 index fell more than 6 percent last week, causing a loss of tens of billions in stock market value.

Yesterday, a quarter of a million French people also demonstrated in France. They fear the National Front coming to power.

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