Fireworks from Greek boat likely caused forest fires: 13 people arrested

Forest fire in the village of Latas, southern Greece

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Greek police have arrested 13 people suspected of lighting fireworks from a boat near Hydra Island. These fireworks are said to have caused a forest fire on the island that started the day before yesterday.

All 13 hold Greek citizenship and will be brought before a judge today, Greek newspaper Kathimerini reported. They were on board a luxury yacht sailing near the island. After the fire broke out, they sailed towards a marina near Athens. They were arrested shortly after.

The area is very dry, so the risk of wildfires was already high. The fire, most likely caused by fireworks, was brought under control yesterday afternoon.

Exceptionally hot

It has been exceptionally hot for this time of year in Greece, but also in Cyprus and Turkey in recent weeks. On average, the temperature in Greece in June is around 30 degrees, but temperatures regularly approach 40 degrees.

As a result, there are many forest fires in Greece. The Greek Fire Brigade reported this within 24 hours yesterday 66 forest fires raging in the country.

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