Fiancée Yoki Kempis receives hate mail after being assaulted

Fiancée Yoki Kempis receives hate mail after being assaulted

Yuki wrote that he was very surprised by the number of people who made an effort to encourage his fiancée. This is how Lizzy receives various letters, flowers or even gifts. “It surprised me in a very positive way and I saw how with every letter Lizzie read, every envelope she opened and every gift she opened, her look changed from fearful to tender.”

What negatively surprised him, however, was the amount of “internet psychopaths”. “Those who, from an anonymous profile, were so sick in their heads to steer them that they would have rather seen her dead, raped or mutilated. These letters have been received and they are no less insane than the actual act of the person who physically assaulted my dear friend.”

Despite the fact that Yuki has been constantly “surprised about so many different things” in recent days, one thing in particular has stuck with him: “It’s not safe everywhere, all over Holland.” Then you might think: It’s not so bad, because to be honest, I always thought so. But then I can tell you in all honesty: It’s not easy. It is dirty, dirty, and very dirty. For example, he and Lizzie have received “countless reactions” from people who have been through the same thing. “Most of them are women, but also a lot of men.”

Yuki and his girlfriend are doing well given the circumstances. He told RTL Boulevard earlier this week that his wife is very combative. The couple also works to report the man who assaulted her and left her bloodied on the street.

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