family what are they doing He takes “1000 euros” to buy gifts

Quincy and Thora have nine children together. Despite their financial worries, they do everything for them. To reduce costs, they like to go to the goat farm with the kids. But this is not entirely free, although Mother Thora herself brings the necessary snacks. For example, baby bottles cost €1.50 each. “I like it when they enjoy themselves, and I enjoy myself,” Thora defends the purchase.

It is a stark contrast to real estate businessman Wesley Adema, who sees more than €57,000 deposited into his account each month. In the same episode, he goes out to buy gifts for the holidays, but unlike the Hoysrad family, he doesn’t have to take care of the little ones. So they take a “small thousand euros” with them to buy gifts for the children. In the end, the amount reaches more than 600 euros, while the average family in the Netherlands spends 116 euros on Sinterklass gifts.

Although he loves to spoil his family, both of our sons Wesley have to do odd jobs if they want something. Or they have to save up for it. However, the businessman cannot resist helping his children now and then. For example, he bought a DJ set for his youngest, including lessons. “He’s got a great sense of music, little guy,” Wesley says proudly. “That mixing console costs quite a bit of money of course. And you also need a laptop. But if he’s got a passion for something like that, I’m glad I’m successful and we have the money. So it doesn’t happen no matter what it costs, it’s not his birthday. I hope he has it.”

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