Expert: “AI could create 80% of 80% of all jobs within ten years”

Expert: “AI could create 80% of 80% of all jobs within ten years”

Experts in the field of artificial intelligence argue that we are preparing for the huge changes in employment and job creation that artificial intelligence will bring about.

During the Tech Live conference for Wall Street Journal He talks extensively about artificial intelligence. During conversations with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and technology investor Vinod Khosla, among others, the discussion revolved around the dire consequences for the labor market. Khosla summed up the forecast simply: Within ten years, AI could “do 80% of 80% of all the jobs we know today.”

Almost everyone is affected by the rise of artificial intelligence. Khosla points to important and well-paid jobs such as general practitioners and accountants. These are jobs that could soon be done faster and better by AI, because they essentially involve careful processing of information and consultation of a knowledge base. But according to the billionaire, this certainly doesn’t have to be bad news.

Basic income, but more is needed

“I think the need for work in our society will disappear within 25 years for those countries that adapt these technologies,” Khosla said. “I think there is room for a universal basic income that ensures minimum standards and that people can work on the things they want to work on.”

However, according to OpenAI’s Altman, such a basic income is not enough. According to the CEO, people will still need to express themselves creatively and will need an outlet for that in order to “contribute something towards humanity.” In other words: AI should not make our existence seem meaningless.

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“We’re really going to have to do something about this shift,” Altman said, stressing that it will happen quickly — and we have to face it. “People should have the freedom to choose, and the ability to influence. We must be the architects of the future together.”

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