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Exitpoll: GroenLinks-PvdA de grootste in Europa, PVV grote winnaar

Polls closed at nine in the evening. The final exit poll, which appeared at 9:30 p.m., shows GroenLinks-PvdA (8 seats) and PVV (7 seats) winning. There is a margin of error of one seat for each party in the exit poll.

VVD has 4 seats remaining, CDA and D66 3. There are 2 seats for European newcomer BBB. NSC also has one seat, just like SGP, Volt and Party for the Animals.

The election result means a shift to the right compared to the 2019 European elections, says political correspondent Fons Lampe.

Given the exit poll’s margin of error, the result could still change. According to the researchers, things will be interesting for some parties that do not currently have seats.

It is possible that the Christian Union, the Forum for Democracy or the Socialist Party will still retain their seat when the results are announced on Sunday. The Volt has the opportunity to go from a single seater to a two-seater. Researchers don’t expect it to happen that 50PLUS will still get a seat.

High attendance

The turnout in the European Parliament elections this time was much higher than in 2019. According to the exit poll, 46.8 percent of voters went to the polls. Five years ago, the percentage was 41.8 percent. “This is the highest turnout in 35 years,” says political reporter Fence Lampe.

Find out what Vons Lambe had to say about the exit poll here:

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