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Pinkpop will start again next week! So planning can begin. Once you’ve worked your way through all of the schedule conflicts, it’s also a good idea to think about campsites. Still don’t know how or what is the best? Don’t worry, we have included all the information here. This way you can easily make the best choices for you.

Your weekend pass includes a camping pass for Campsite A, Campsite B, and Campsite C as standard. You will immediately get your wristband when you arrive. Please note: you cannot enter with just a day ticket. These camps operate on a first come, first serve basis. So it is important to arrive on time if you want the perfect spot at a particular campsite. You can visit all camps from Thursday 15 June 18:00 until Monday 19 June 12:00. But which campsite should you choose?

camp a

Camp A is the smallest of the three regular camps offered by the Limburg Festival. In addition, it is also the closest camping site from the festival site. You can walk from your tent to the festival site in just a few minutes. So it is not surprising that this camp site is popular. There is usually a camping queue some time before the camps open. There are also facilities for people with special needs in this camp. If you still have energy left after a day in Pinkpop, you can still party in the Desperados area. This program has not been announced yet. If you want to go to this campground, the P3 parking spot is the closest. This means about fifteen minutes of fighting with all your baggage.

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camping site b

Pinkpop’s second campsite is by far the largest and is especially recommended if you want to stick around for a long time. Camping B is the best camping when it comes to the afternoon. You can choose between Desperados and Jan’s Feestcafé. Campsite B is a little closer to the car park (10 minutes from P3), but a little further from the festival site (20 minutes on foot). In this camp, Pinkpop also offers the option of camping with a party pitch. If you choose to do so, your tent will be ready for you, possibly including air mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows, and lanterns. Options for this have already sold out for this year.

camping site c

The latter campsite is particularly suitable for those who need a bit of a rest after a day at the festival site. The campsite is the farthest from the festival site (30 min walk) and there is no concert programme. You also don’t have to lug a lot of your stuff up, it’s right next to the P5 car park. To get to the festival site, instead of walking, you can also take the shuttle bus that leaves near the entrance.

Photo: Bart Heemskerk (Pinkpop 2017)


Since last year, Pinkpop has been offering an additional campsite called Glampink. This campground is very luxurious and can only be accessed if you purchase a separate Glampink ticket for this. Costs range from €150 to €439.50 per person, depending on the type of accommodation you choose. That is why you will in any case get a pre-made tent or house with an air mattress or air mattress. You can also use the showers and toilets for free at Glampink. There is also a plaza where you can enjoy food and drinks from local entrepreneurs in peace. Glampink is only a 15-minute walk from Pinkpop site. Do you want luxury camping, but also want a party? Don’t worry, even if you stay the night at Glampink, you can still go to the party tents in Camps A and B. The campsite was such a hit the first time that it doubled its capacity from 370 to 804 spots this year. are still there Limited places available.

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Other important information

Pinkpop campsites are only suitable for tents. If you want to camp with a camper, caravan or foldable trailer, you can go to ‘water towerin Landgraaf. It also helps to carefully plan your shower. There is always a big queue in the morning (as is the case with almost every festival). If you still want to, you can choose to take a shower in the evening, it’s often quieter. Are you wondering if what you want to take with you is allowed? Pinkpop Overview Made from everything that is allowed and not allowed on campsites.

pink pop logo

Pink Pop 2023



Landgraaf, The Netherlands

From 16 to 18 June 2023

Day tickets start at 135 euros. Combined tickets start at €275. to purchase

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