European concerns over the use of personal data for AI training at Meta

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An organization defending the privacy of European citizens is sounding the alarm over a plan by the American technology giant Meta. None of Your Business (NOYB) is deeply concerned about Meta’s intention to train AI models on users’ personal data. Since the Meta wants to start on June 26, NOYB says there is a rush.

The parent company of Facebook and Instagram’s new privacy policy, among others, says it wants to use personal posts, private photos and online tracking data for artificial intelligence technologies, according to interest group NOYB.

Instead of asking users for consent, Meta claims it has a “legitimate interest” that outweighs European users’ right to privacy, according to NOYB. “Once their data enters the system, users appear to have no way to delete it at all.”

European privacy watchdogs

NOYB urged national privacy watchdogs in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, among others, to take urgent action before the tech giant goes live on June 26.

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) said it was not authorized to launch an investigation into Meta because Meta’s European headquarters are in Ireland. However, the Dutch oversight body will ask its Irish colleagues for clarification.

The AP does not yet know whether emergency action is necessary. “The AP does not currently have sufficient information to evaluate this,” the national privacy watchdog said.

European Court

NOYB says that the European Court of Justice has already ruled on this case in 2021. The court then ruled that Meta had no “legitimate interest” in violating the right to data protection. “It appears that Meta is once again blatantly ignoring the ruling of the European Court of Justice,” NOYB said.

Meta rejects NOYB’s accusations. According to the tech giant, the company trains its AI models only with publicly available information.

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