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In the end, you can’t really create new things with these types of algorithmsBut mix several things to build something new from there

People generally don’t create anything new either. Look at (historical) art movements, within each movement there are dozens of artists who did their own work, but there are differences from the art movement in question. Every “new” artistic movement builds on its predecessors.

Also, fire was not new when it was “invented,” but was an imitation of nature, and the same is true of the wheel, sailing, flying, etc.

People add something, people take something away, and that’s it. The LLM is actually not as far from it as most people think. Is it “intelligence”? no. But think of it as comparing the C64 (6510) to the iPad Pro 2024 (M4). simple vs. complicated.

Plus, it’s still the human that drives everything, even if you string different MBAs together. One has to start somewhere, and the LLM model is controlled by the person (even if you don’t intervene) and is trained (directly or indirectly) on data that comes from people…

People make people out to be more special than they actually are and try to portray AI/MBAs as less special than they are. AI/LLM != human, just like machine != human, but since the Industrial Revolution we have replaced humans with machines. All it has done is that we are producing more and more because all these people now control the machines (directly or indirectly).

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