Eloise provides more clarity about training in New York

Eloise provides more clarity about training in New York

Eloise van Oranje interned in New York at a Dutch fashion company. She says this in a video posted Sunday in collaboration with Harper’s Bazaar. The daughter of Prince Constantine and Princess Laurentian says she has now completed her training within a week.

“A lot of people asked what exactly my training entailed, why I went to New York, and what was going on,” the 22-year-old “super-influencer” begins her story. “Incidentally, you’ve been ready for a week now, so this is the perfect time to explain everything. From head to toe.”

Eloise explains that she is studying at the Hotel School in Amsterdam and therefore has to do two training courses. Usually the first training is obligatory abroad, but in her case this was not possible due to the pandemic. Therefore, she did her first training in Amsterdam. Although she says she has “no regrets” about it, she still wants to do her second internship abroad.


In New York, Eloise has been browsing an online fashion store in recent months. The company gives fashion brands the opportunity to sell their old inventory at a discounted price. In the video, Eloise mentions the company by name, but also says the video is “completely unsponsored.” She says the Countess worked “on the communications side” of the sustainability team. She helped create a donation platform, among other things, but was most happy with a series of blog posts in which she interviewed representatives of more sustainable brands.

At the beginning of April, the Countess announced that she had traveled to New York to receive her training. During her stay in the American city, her parents, among others, came to visit her. In the Netherlands, Eloise also works in the fashion industry. She and her mother own a shop in The Hague where vintage clothes are sold.

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