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The e-bike brand Cowboy now lets riders compete against each other in In-Ride Games. The games are part of an upgrade to its Connect program. Cowboy said the games allow riders to improve their endurance and burn calories.

Cyclists can choose between three games in the Cowboy app in a safe cycling environment, for example when they are on the bike path: Race, Burn and Push. Race allows users with similar profiles to compete against each other in a 500-meter race. Opponents get faster with each victory.

In the Burn game, the focus is on burning calories through one-minute challenges. According to Cowboy, cyclists burn four calories on the first level, while that burns 23 calories on the twentieth. The final game, Push, allows cyclists to test their strength and endurance by maintaining their pedaling force above the threshold value for fifteen seconds. If successful, the cyclist advances to the next level.

According to the company The games are designed in such a way that distractions are minimized. They also automatically stop when the cyclist stops riding. The game can also be stopped with one touch.

The Connect program will also be equipped with anti-theft alarms for subscribers with the upcoming upgrade. Additionally, the program is getting a redesigned rider dashboard, which displays landmarks while riding. The dashboard display changes based on context and notifies you when riders reach important landmarks.

Cowboy Racing Game
Cowboy Racing Game

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