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The problem of course is that you can only put in so many characters and you want a way (if you can) to get something from the live stream,

Using a messaging platform can provide just that: you log in: you post a message and everyone who follows it will see your message appear, and if you set up the “server” correctly, everyone can also read it as a web page.

In this regard, Twitter’s solution was perfect. You open a certain link and all of a sudden you see all the messages that have been posted about it – and anyone who is logged in can post such messages further or perhaps comment… The problem with Twitter was not inappropriateness, but apparent unreliability…. there is no need but Something is about to happen and Twitter thinks it’s fucking you! We want to see coins!

By embracing your own, open (and already existing) network, you are introducing this access to the web, and, on a somewhat smaller scale, this social access as well. And because you run the social network yourself (or at least a small part of it), you also know for sure that users who aren’t logged in can also continue reading.

And who knows, just maybe, companies or other parties will follow this example and maybe later ordinary people too. After all, even if the government turned around, that might say something.

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