Drinks with Martin van Rossem

Drinks with Martin van Rossem

What happens after the credits? When the lights dim and the cameras roll, guests usually tell the best stories. in After drinks Every weekend, I pick up where we left off on air with an Op1 guest.

Written by Evelyn Van Giles

Martin van Rossem

This week I’ll be having drinks with Martin van Rossem (80). Broadcasts are always very short and this is especially true for him. He was our guest on Monday because of the book written by Lorenz Blockins “about the unexpected success of his media personality.” Traditionally, he would speak directly during the ending tune, which is why I’m curious to see what else he has to say.

When I scheduled this interview with him, I got an unintended glimpse into a hectic life Media personality Van Rossem. Saturday is busy all day with everything, but Sunday is also busy every hour. When I finally reached him by phone at 9:30 pm on Sunday evening, he seemed noticeably refreshed. The weekend from Oracle didn’t wear him out. I realize that if there was a Cooper speaking test, Martin van Rossem would get a 10.

What is the biggest misunderstanding about Media personality Van Rossem Is it composed?
“People think I signed up for your shows myself.” They think I’m on the phone every Friday evening with great ideas. I never sign up for anything, you always come to me. Sometimes for interesting things, but often also for the most ridiculous topics. When I was primarily an American pundit, I was never asked about budget negotiations in the White House, but I was asked about Woody Allen, George Bush’s wife, and the Muppets.

I became known relatively late. Does that have any advantages?
‘absolute. When I first appeared on television in 1983, I was 41 years old. This is relatively late. At this age, you already know how the world works. The friends you have like you the way you are. With the friends you make afterwards, you never know how much the fact of being known plays a role.

What do your children think that you suddenly became famous?
“My son was 10 and my daughter was 7 when I first appeared on TV. I think my daughter always liked it, but my son didn’t like it very much. He sometimes got angry when one of the teachers at school complained about me. People express their opinions easily “And he hated that.”

I have now been on television for 40 years. What has changed in that time?
“I walk less well.”

And more?
“I understand that I have become more beautiful.”

When do you love someone?
‘If only I knew. There are people I instantly like and there are people I quickly develop all kinds of prejudices about. These are the people I don’t trust.

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who are they?
“Guys who look too stylish and women who wear too much makeup and obviously have bleached hair. Or those weird lips. I don’t trust them one bit either.”

“I don’t trust decent people.” Maybe because I’m dirty myself. My brother has it too and my sister has it too. We are dirty. People who arrive to work in good shape may also stay home.

Do you distrust them or look down on them?
“Let me keep it neutral: they leave an unsympathetic impression on me.”

Do you think it’s important to receive praise when you’re on TV?
“After doing a talk show, all the backstage staff always tell me I did a great job. Great fun! Exactly what we wanted! I’ve never had them say it’s nothing. What you say to each other is undoubtedly different in nature.”

And the home front?
‘my wife? She doesn’t watch it much anymore, but when she does she has comments. The strange thing about my family is that they don’t say anything about your wonderful analyses. All you hear is, “Why were you wearing white shoes?” Or “Why were you picking your nose that way?” They forgot what you said to them for a long time and after a while they stopped watching altogether. Only my mother was always angry if I didn’t let her know I was on TV.

Whose criticism matters most to you?
‘My own criticism. Yes, sometimes I feel incredible regret afterwards. Usually I was rude to one of the other guests. Then I sit at home and feel disappointed afterwards.

Do you have an example?
“Yes, I remember exactly who. There was a ski instructor who came to announce the construction of an ice palace. Or he actually criticized her, I forget. Of course, I thought it was all nonsense and only made lame comments during the entire broadcast. He also had a very nice woman with whom I had a conversation.” Nice beforehand.Afterwards she was a bit upset, and I felt bad about it for a long time.

You once said that you were bullied in the past. Maybe that’s why it hurts you when you annoy others?
“This could indeed be the case.” I was very horny until I was twelve. It ended suddenly when I got to grammar school, there were all these stupid boys like me. What really bothers me is that I then bullied another boy in my class. I am deeply sorry for that. That you were bullied for ten years, starting from kindergarten, and then your character became so weak that you started harassing someone else. This boy also killed himself very quickly after his final exams. oh well. I’m very sorry. Still.’

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why did you do that?
“I’ve joined with the others.” Join the group. Teasing has to do with hierarchy. The problem is also that I’m verbally skilled and have a certain knack for silly comments. You want to laugh and you usually know what works. Anyway: I really regret it, and I remember exactly how it went. Just like with that ski instructor. I still suffer from that.

You’ve been canceled multiple times. For example, after the September 11 attacks. Does something like this bring back memories of when you were bullied?
‘never. It’s completely different. The three or four times I got cancelled, I simply thought: I’m right and you guys are stupid. I did not agree with today’s issues and for that reason I am no longer welcome. It rarely lasts longer than a few months and then you’ll automatically pick up the phone again.

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You never fault yourself?
“Well, I was on the eve of the invasion of Ukraine He expected that Putin would do nothing, That was wrong. After that I didn’t get a call for a few months. Look, being on TV ebbs and flows. Sometimes you get called three times a week, other times the entire planet burns down, but no one thinks about you.

Is there a TV appearance you regret later?
‘naturally. I don’t go to Voetbal International anymore. It was an unpleasant experience there for a long time. There was a certain anti-Van Rossem mood there. I don’t get it: you shouldn’t invite me if you just want to make me angry. But my biggest regret is that program with that school. What is this called again?

Dream school?
That was a tragedy. I was going to teach there and I thought they would be very enthusiastic about teaching kids, but they were dropouts. They said I could draw a lesson for myself, and I came up with the creation of the European Economic Community. Instead of warning these people that this was completely inappropriate for this group of mentally retarded people, they told me to just do it. Well, I started this lesson and it quickly became clear that these kids didn’t know there was World War II. But not only that, they kept going to the bathroom, talking on their phones and talking. It was a hopeless situation.

How did it end?
‘bad. I’ve told them They had to keep their mouths shut in a rather rude tone. They were incredibly shocked by this and everyone and everything was called out. The next week I had to go again, that was the deal, and then things went completely wrong. Of the fifteen students, I sent twelve away. The other three were fairly normal, and the rest were completely hopeless in my eyes. It was a very unpleasant experience.

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Do you not like being in groups where people do not listen to you?
‘absolute. Just as with VI, here too I found myself in a kind of strange hostility.

Yet you always look comfortable? You never look nervous. Is this correct?
‘correct. I was never nervous about TV. Not even the first time.

What makes you nervous?
“If I have to travel.” I’m going to Boston tomorrow with my daughter and I’m really dreading it. I hate traveling. When you travel you are completely dependent on others, which I find annoying. There is always something wrong.

On TV, you also depend on others, right?
“That’s true too.” This is where my anger always lies. I don’t want to be interrupted all the time. I find it annoying when presenters ramble on for a long time about other topics and I’m left with nothing. Yes, TV is annoying too, but it’s not as annoying as traveling.

Almost everything you do scores points. What would he do to you if this were no longer the case?
‘I would like to understand. Did you get any really weird ideas? Is it my old age? Do I stutter a lot? I’d be disappointed if people didn’t like the podcast anymore. This is what I enjoy doing most at the moment. For example, if it suddenly turned out that people didn’t like it, I would be a little disappointed. If I were to go to the theater right now and there were seven people in the audience, yeah, I’d stop too.

What is your predicament? What could make people withdraw?
“Now I’m too tall.” I was in a small theater the other day and wasn’t paying much attention. It was supposed to take an hour and a half, but I had already been at it for two and a half hours. Suddenly an old man stood up and shouted in a halting voice: Do you know what you are doing to us? Then I just called him a day. He was truly at the end of his rope. This is my weakness: I can’t stop talking.

The unexpected success of media personality Martin van Rossem Written by Laurens Bluekens Available at your local bookstore.

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Watch the entire conversation with Martin van Rossem on Op1 here.

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