Diana doesn’t regret a second of love-filled B&B: ‘Do it again’

Diana doesn't regret a second of love-filled B&B: 'Do it again'

Diana stays with Martine in Hua Hin for nine days. Before the first meeting she was “very nervous, largely because of all the cameras.” She says she’s had enough dates, but thinks having a camera is “very special.”

She quickly accepts that there is also a woman trying to win Martine’s (Bianca) heart. “She is a completely different type of person from me,” she says. “I never saw her as a competitor. We also had a good time together.”

She also has a good time with Martijn, but there is no flame – or even a spark. “I loved participating and I haven’t regretted it for a second,” he says. “All the reactions have been very positive. I saw on TV just like me, and those around me thought so too.” B&B full of loveThe return of the star.

Diana realizes that she is not one of the leading candidates, but it is simply not her place to hurt people. She continues, “I think carefully before I say something. That’s why I think all the moments of the interview in front of the camera were good for me. I was just being myself and no words were put in my mouth.”

There is no new man in her life yet, and Bianca accepts that: “He comes when he comes, I’m always open to him.”

Because Astrid and Harmjan prove that you can find love. The couple gets to know each other during B&B full of love She got married last week.

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