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Makes sense, in fact, that’s what it’s been like in Diablo since seasons or ladder resets. Everyone starts over, and ergo: “equal opportunity.” I understood from day one that there was only one part to advance at the account level, and that was carnage. My character right now I have in lvl54, I understand the platforms to some extent, and I keep feeling a little bit that even though we have “5” works, there are actually only 2 games in terms of content compared to D3 for example in terms of “story”, and that Some alienation will come out of it, but I also have the feeling that a lot of the end game is missing.

I hope the seasons bring that.

However, I do have some concerns:

– We don’t know about “Season Trip”. Besides every “gimmick” season, I really liked the season ride in D3
– We don’t know what the effect of this “early progression” thing is; It’s 20 ranks. From what / on what? Does this practically grind 2 out of 3 months? Or do peanuts and push have only a small benefit? (If only it was cosmetic: Hmm. I always move my character… nude)
– I have some problems with the end of the season.

I’ve called D4 “quits” for now up to S1, and ported my Sorc to WT3, knowing WT4 would also be possible, but I have a few comments:

– D3 obviously had a “levelling”, the game only started at the max level and therefore had a level playing field except for the paragon, which is not the case on D4. I think they watched D2 a little too much. I would have liked to see the model system from D3 backwards, but with flaps from D4. D3 didn’t have a real class system until Torment 16, and you can get past that with divisions
– Nightmare Dungeons is a nice concept, but I actually like Discords better. You obviously have “walls” there in the long run, and with gems you can duplicate a piece in them, moreover: it’s a great game for 10-15 minutes. Each crack floor was a bit small, but it was also random which made it varied.
– Tree of Whispers is a good upgrade/iteration of the reward system. I can’t wait for the rest of the sanctuary to come (Western Continent, Southern Continents, Islands, Heaven, Hell as real regions, etc…)

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I have to admit it was a bit silly to be “done” at level 54 and have such a view of the end game that level 100 wasn’t really necessary. In fact, the model boards were obvious to me. I would say: set maxlvl to 50, and work from there to ideal.

The combos are also missing, and the builds feel less varied: where in D3 you can pretty much “modify” a skill with a legendary combo/combinations/gems/runes, here you have aspects and uniqueness, and gems… you can’t even do that crazy much. There are no groups.

In any case. In fact, the game is not over yet. The story was very nice, but we don’t know anything yet. The bridge to Diablo 3 is there except for one character and state of the world, the two lesser evils of D2 were dealt with quite easily, and the primes are missing. In many ways, it feels like a precursor to what D4 really should be. In terms of the story and in terms of the end of the game.

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