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Cooler Master showed off some new cases with a curved glass front panel. The NCore 600 and the Prestige variant can also be placed upside down. The company is also offering a cabinet that supports “cable-free” connector concepts.

Tweakers saw the tanks at the Computex show. These are two new housings in the NCore series. Cooler Master showcased the NCore 600 and NCore 600 Prestige at the exhibition. These are mid-tower housing with tempered glass. The standard model has a curved metal plate on the front of the case. In the Prestige model, the front is also made of glass, including the curvature, so that the device appears as if it is made entirely of glass. What’s striking about these residences is that the closets are as well Inverted It can be operated by turning it upside down. Users only need to place the feet on the bottom. The device has an aluminum finish with gold accents on the Prestige model.

CM NCR-600

Cooler Master also showed off two prototypes at the show that are compatible with ASUS’ “cableless” BTF gear, where the cables are hidden at the back of the case. The NR200P Max V2 BTF has a somewhat unusual design in that the GPU can be integrated into a separate slot on the side so users can see it as well. The second prototype, the BTF GPU Concept Case, has the same idea as the NR200P with an externally visible GPU, but the case is much thinner and has a volume of 7 liters.

Both of the latter cases have a built-in 16-pin connector for RTX 4090 cards with the BTF concept, but for users with a different card, Cooler Master makes an adapter. This allows users to continue connecting their card if it is not compatible with the existing 12Vhpwr connector.

Cooler Master PTFCooler Master PTF

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