Comedian George Grote (Don Quichoking) has died.

George Grote in 2007

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Comedian George Grote has died. He is best known for Don Quishocking, the cabaret group he co-founded which was particularly successful in the 1970s. Grote was 82 years old. He was diagnosed with cancer two years ago.

Grote was studying Dutch in Amsterdam when he initiated a cabaret evening with a notice on the university bulletin board in 1966. This led to Don Quichoking with his wife Anke, Jacques Clouters, Pieter van Empelen and Fred Florus.

In 1968 the group won the Cameraten Festival and more success followed in the 1970s. Don Quishocking was known for his socially critical lyrics, sharp sarcasm, and harmonious singing. Grote wrote a large portion of the lyrics.

the number Old schoolThe text was written by Willem Wilmink. George Grote sits in the foreground in orange.

Over the years, disagreements arose within Don Quichuking. The main reason for this was Grote joining the Bhagwan movement, named after a controversial spiritual leader from India. Cabaret programme We are completely confused (1981) was about these mutual tensions.

It was also Don Quishocking’s last program with the then members of the group. Since then, Don Quishocking, including Groot, has performed regularly in other lineups. This happened, for example, with Joke Bruijs instead of Groot’s wife Anke.

Don Quichoking in 1986 (George Grote second from right)

In addition to being a comedian, Groot has worked as a teacher at several art and theater academies in the Netherlands for over thirty years. He also wrote scripts for Jenny Aryan, Adelheid Rosen, Paul de Leeuw and others.

In a farewell interview with De Volkskrant today after his death publishedGroot looks back proudly. “Before, I often had the feeling: I’m just doing something in life. But when I saw in our show booklet all the songs I had written, I thought: Well, George, you’re definitely doing something.”

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