Climate activists spray paint on Stonehenge

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The famous stone circle Stonehenge has been sprinkled with what looks like orange powder by climate activists. British activist group Just Stop Oil posted images of this on X.

The picture shows two people carrying large spray cans running towards the memorial in the English county of Wiltshire and spraying it with orange substance. It can also be seen that someone is trying to stop them. After about half a minute they stopped spraying. The orange substance ended up on some large stones.

See photos of the promo that Just Oil put on X here:

Stonehenge defaced by climate activists

A spokesman for English Heritage, which manages many historic monuments including Stonehenge in the country, told the BBC that the incident was extremely worrying.

Police reported that two people were arrested. British Prime Minister Sunak condemned this measure. He told the BBC that it was a “disgraceful act of sabotage.” Stonehenge remains open to the public.

Tomato soup on Van Gogh

Action group Just Stop Oil wants the government to stop granting permits for new oil and gas projects in the UK.

In recent years, the group has regularly appeared in the news for its actions. For example, a climate activist threw tomato soup at a painting by Vincent van Gogh. Someone also pasted his head onto an oil painting by Johannes Vermeer.

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