Climate activists arrested over plot to disrupt UK airports

Climate activists arrested over plot to disrupt UK airports
British agents arrest climate activist from Just Stop Oil

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Dozens of climate activists from Just Stop Oil have been arrested in England, who, according to police, planned to disrupt busy airports in England over the summer holidays.

According to police, the suspects include “several prominent members” of the protest group.

It was not known how the activists intended to disrupt the airports. Police arrested them under a law that prohibits disrupting national infrastructure.

“Our position is very clear: anyone who threatens the safety and security of airports can expect a robust response,” said Police Commissioner Ian Howells.

Just Stop Oil accuses the police of illegal behavior. “Being a supporter of Just Stop Oil is enough to make you a suspect,” the group said in a statement.

Paint and tomato soup

The UK action group, which wants the government to stop granting permits for new oil and gas projects, has been in the news regularly in recent years.

For example, a climate activist threw tomato soup at a painting by Vincent van Gogh. Someone glued his head to Johannes Vermeers. The girl with the pearl earring In Mauritshuis in The Hague. Last week, members of Just Stop Oil sprayed orange paint on the world-famous stone circle Stonehenge.

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