Carillonneur Grote Kerk in Weesp plays Europepa: “I can play fast if I have to”

Carillonneur Grote Kerk in Weesp plays Europepa: “I can play fast if I have to”

The carillon player of the Grote Kerk in Weesp played the role of Europepa by Joost Klein today at 12 noon. This is after a call from DJ Wijnand Speelman on 3FM.

A small door next to the Grote Kerk takes us up several high stairs to the bell where the bell driver Pauuk Reitsma sits. The musician’s workplace is hidden at the tip of the tower. We access the tool via spontaneous movement. “I am a carillon player by profession. This morning I was in Baarn and soon I will go to Deventer to play the carillon.”

Yesterday, radio DJ Wijnand Speelman made an online appeal to whistleblowers or motorists from all over the country. It was inspired by a previous performance by Reitsma in Deventer where Europa was bustling in the city centre. He did receive an application from the radio station on Sunday asking if he wanted to participate in the campaign. “I didn’t think long. I think it’s important to encourage the Netherlands now that they can no longer hear the song in the final.

Klein’s song cannot be heard in Amsterdam. Reitsma has an explanation for this. “Some motorists find it exciting that they don’t know yet how the situation will turn out.” Fortunately, there were many Karelian players in the country who participated in the event. Of the approximately 60 carillon players in the Netherlands, a large number are still involved. “About 15 people participated, from Deventer to Leiden. Unfortunately, no one from Friesland participated. That was great for Klein.”

Reviews about the square in front of the church are mainly positive. “The hardcore part is my favorite,” says one.

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