Boeing 737 Max has to land quickly over Korea: 17 injured | RTL News

Boeing 737 MAX moet razendsnel dalen boven Korea: 17 gewonden

Things got worse last Saturday over South Korea, as the Boeing 737 MAX was en route from Incheon to Taichung (Taiwan).

A Korean Air spokesman said today that after fifty minutes, the plane lost air pressure in the cabin South China Morning Newspaper Known. There were 125 people on board.

The pilots followed protocol and descended quickly because the air at high altitudes is very thin. Passengers can only breathe there for a short time without assistive devices, which is why the oxygen masks were removed:

In five minutes, the plane descended from an altitude of approximately ten kilometers to less than three thousand metres. This is “very unpleasant,” an aviation expert previously explained to RTL News. “It hurts your ears.”

On board a Boeing plane in Korea, the change in air pressure was so large that seventeen people were injured. All of them were provided with assistance and no one suffered serious injuries as a result of the accident.


It is not clear why the pressure drops. In recent months, much attention has been paid to accidents involving Boeing aircraft. Many planes have lost parts in the air, such as emergency slides or parts of the engine cover, wheels, or door panel. Last month, turbulence occurred on a flight between London and Singapore, killing one person.

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