BKS24: Stealing justice with a radiant light show

BKS24: Stealing justice with a radiant light show

Justice for the Best Kept Secret: After Disclosure took the spotlight as a headliner last Friday, Justice shows how you can deliver a powerful headline show as a dance act. With a battery of lights that burn so brightly in every color of the rainbow that they must be filled with kryptonite. It’s a massive structure designed by regular lighting man Vincent Lerison, with moving lights and screens on supports that together weigh about eleven tons (!). So heavy that yesterday’s Primavera Porto de Justice show – this horror! – Until I had to cancel (you can’t imagine what went wrong behind the scenes, right?). Only problem is, everything hangs and looks amazing.

A crazy production, very different from the illuminated crosses and speaker walls they toured† (2007), the debut that made Justice rock stars in the dance world by combining funk beats with extremely over-the-top synths. The fourth album was released last April Excessive dramaAnd that was surprisingly powerful. Tonight they brought all that old and new music together brilliantly, by cutting it up and gluing it back together in parts in distinctive mash-ups. For example, Kevin Parker (Tame Impala), guest singer on the new song “One Night/All Night,” performs “DANCE” (2007). The swirling disco beat of ‘Safe And Sound’ (2016) returns via nervy acid in powerful new single ‘Neverender’. All of those songs were shaken up in a different cocktail just like the last song. Very sick too, that chattering mass. And oh, did you notice that the lights glow differently every time Kevin Parker sprints across the field?

Below that, Gaspard Auger and Xavier de Rosnay themselves stand at three tables on which their gear is displayed, one in a smart suit, the other in a cowboy leather jacket, while LED screens occasionally hang above their heads like a low ceiling. . Rock star feelings, especially when they walk to the barriers after an encore and shake hands with the crowd for about five minutes. Big energy in the headlines, you either have it or you don’t.

Photos from Justice’s concert will be added later after management approval.

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