B&B Vol Love’s Joy Hears Herself After Viewer Criticism: “It Touched Me Deeply”

B&B Vol Love's Joy Hears Herself After Viewer Criticism: "It Touched Me Deeply"

Die-hard viewers aren’t afraid to voice their opinions on social media. Joey is often said to be “selfish” or “not showing any interest”. On the programme, he is approached by Zoë, one of the single ladies who have visited him, about the fact that he would not show any interest. Single Babette also notices this: in a conversation with Joy, she notices that it’s rather one-way traffic.

“You don’t show any care, you selfish one,” Joey quotes a critical viewer at the beginning of his Instagram post. Due to his sudden fame, the owner of the B&B is “on the line.” He writes that most of the responses he receives are warm and loving. However, there is one reaction that “touches him deeply”, because “there is a grain of truth in it.”

“What I discovered was that it was all about how I shared my empathy with those around me. I realized that my intention had always been to make other people feel comfortable sharing my own experiences with them, so that they would feel safe enough to share their stories with me. Unfortunately, however, this sometimes gave the impression that it was It’s all about me.”

Then Joey explains that he has ADHD. He now understands that this is “a common form of communication among people with ADHD.” But he says he refuses to use ADHD as an excuse and is determined to “work it out and grow.”

Joy is now fully committed to change. In this way he knows that he must “sincerely listen” to others. He says he is now “determined” to become a better version of myself, and to understand and support others in an honest and constructive way. “Life is full of lessons. I am grateful that I have now been able to learn this lesson,” he finished his letter.

This week Joy announced that he is putting up for sale part of his bed and breakfast:

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