Banksy surprises festival audience with migrant boat riding waves

Banksy’s ‘Migrant Boat’ over crowd at Glastonbury

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Crowds at Britain’s Glastonbury festival appear to have witnessed a stunning performance by street artist Banksy. During a performance by punk band Idols, an inflatable boat appeared with puppets wearing life jackets on their heads.

The socially critical band performed on Friday, but it was only today that it became clear that the stunt was the work of Banksy. Many festival-goers thought the boat riding the waves was part of a performance by the Bristol band, whose lyrics are about immigration, compassion and against right-wing government policies.

A spokesman for the group said today that the boat was made by Banksy, and that the band members were not aware of this trick. Banksy himself did not say anything about the trick on his social media accounts.

In X, the migrant boat is depicted from different sides:

Banksy surprises the audience with a migrant boat surfing the waves during a British festival

Banksy often made statements during the Glastonbury Festival, which attracts more than 200,000 visitors annually. In 2019, he designed a bulletproof vest with a British flag for artist Stormzy, in 2014 a livestock truck with plush stuffed animals drove around, and Banksy’s classic stencil art has been on display several times.

Migration is one of the important topics at the festival this year. One traditional phase paved the way for a region with Caribbean music and visual arts. Anyone who wants to enter must answer a question from the British Integration Test.

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