Author: Daniel Obrien

Vaccination centers in France and memorial stones smeared with Nazi slogans, mustard and droppings | abroad

For the fourth time in two weeks, a monument to Simon Vell, one of France’s most famous politicians, was destroyed by unknown assailants. President Macron says there is “anti-Semitic” aggression. In recent weeks, vaccination and testing centers across the country have also been defaced with slogans and words such as “Nazis” and “collaborators.” As a […]

British domestic tourism leads to a housing crisis, high prices and inconvenience

Cornwall’s beautiful coastline, rugged cliffs, and picture-postcard villages attract millions of visitors from all over the world each year. But this summer, it was the Brits themselves lounging on Cornwall’s famous beaches. Four out of five Englishmen took a test this summer staycation – Vacation in your own country – instead of popular holiday destinations […]

Bridge collapse still painful for ex-professional footballer David: ‘You’ll see life differently’ outside the country

Exactly three years ago today, the Ponte Morandi bridge in Genoa collapsed. David Capello, the former Italian professional footballer, survived the drama, but the thought of it still hurt him. “I suddenly understood what life is really about.” Italian David Capello He was one of the people who drove over Ponte Morandi on August 14, […]

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