Attachments to the budget summary – conclusion

Attachments to the budget summary - conclusion

It is still very difficult to determine the winner in this sector, because although the prices do not differ much in absolute terms, they do differ in relative terms. If we take the cheapest housing, the Aerocool Mecha at €37, and compare it to the most expensive housing, the Montech X3 at €59, there is a difference of €22, or almost 60 percent of the price difference. This is a bit unfortunate, but when I chose the cabinets, Montech was €5 cheaper, so the price difference was only €17 or 46 percent.

These two cases are direct examples of a case that performs very well in terms of cooling and another that performs poorly. With its own trench fans, the Montech Zalman i3 NEO Black is second in terms of cooling performance and third is the Antec NX360.

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Almost all boxes are supplied in unbleached cardboard boxes. The two Sharkoon tanks were only made of cardboard that was printed in white and were therefore slightly less sturdy. In almost all cases, with the exception of two Zalmans and an Aerocool Quantum Mesh with open cell foam, the cans themselves are held in place in the box by two Styrofoam trays.

If we look at the cabinets we don’t recommend based on cooling performance, the ‘top three’ is made up by the aforementioned Mecha from Aerocool, followed by the Sharkoon RGB Slider and at the bottom the LC-Power Gaming 703B. The scroll bar contains if Quality replacement Its noise production is the lowest ever, and it is one of the few cabinets that has an actual argb connection. The Mecha is very loud and so is the LC-Power.

So the Montech X3 grille would be the logical winner. It is one of the quietest and best cooling cabinets and comes with no less than six fans as well as a sleek finish. It’s a shame that all those fans have to be connected to Molex plugs instead of a nifty fan header and the lighting isn’t adjustable.

The Zalman i3 Neo Black is a great alternative; The body is well cooled, although its fans are quite noisy. You can attach fans to regular headers, and the case has a hinged door and more space for your video card. Number three, the Antecs NX360, cools well, but it’s mid-range in terms of sound and doesn’t have a lot of room for video cards, but it does have an ARGB controller. As far as we’re concerned, these three housings, the Montech X3 Mesh, Zalman i3 Neo Black, and Antec NX360, are our great value recommendations.

We recommend that you consider what features and performance you consider important. For example, if you like a lot of LEDs, the Sharkoon SK3 and Xilence with their LED strips are again attractive, despite the former’s mediocre performance and the latter’s lack of fans. So it remains a matter of making choices. And while you’re still making your selections, do yourself a favor and spend a few extra dollars on a mid-range closet. Then you at least have a little more space, including for future upgrades, controllable fans, and better quality and sturdier cabinets, so you can last for multiple builds.

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  • montek x3 network
  • Zalman i3 New Black

Addicts say: Great value

Addicts say: Great value

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