ASUS introduces ROG Ally

Asus actually has room for improvement in the US/Canada. But don’t forget that we have a completely different RMA center here and I have had nothing but good experiences with it. For a lot of repairs, you simply have to deal with a third-party repair company (in Leiden in my case) who speaks well.

Example: A laptop with a keyboard cover (external keyboard) broke, and I have an “on-site warranty”. Asus support tells me that I should send the cover back first and then get a new one (so no hassle about warranty, user damage, or anything else). Because it is an accessory and not the original product.
Reply via email with “But it was included with the original product and the original product is worthless without it, it’s not like a charger I can use it with something else.” If you send a new one now, you’ll get the old one back. A few days later I received an email saying “We will send it to RMA to resolve”.
fine too. Less than a day later I received a call from the company from Leiden saying: “Hey, can we send you a new one, and if that solves your problems, send us the old one?” summit!

I had to send my Asus phone in with user damage (broken screen), assembly code arrived and I got it back within 2 weeks. The repair bill was cheaper than a 3rd party company here in Brabant who also wanted a down payment first (I understand a bit).

My previous ASUS business laptop came out of the box with a non-working microphone (it fell into the chassis next to the fans, and you only hear the fan noise) :)). A technician also came and solved the problem on site. But yes, that’s with the added warranty on site.

So, I never had to fight for the “yes but it’s a guarantee!!” Everything was always completed within two weeks. I only had to struggle a little to be more relaxed with the mailable part, but that too was dealt with within a couple of weeks, including emails back and forth.

But…this does not change the fact that these reforms were necessary :). It falls under the quality control section or, like the keyboard cover, “known issues” (I’ve just had it in a couple of years, and there are several reports of people having this problem within the first month, so…).
And I think the worst thing about Ally is that they haven’t been particularly transparent about why and how it happens and whether it’s a production error. They still claim it, even though it is now clear what was happening (…n-ptc-fuse-failure-modes/). (TLDR: It has nothing to do with heat, but in some batches there is a fuse that is known to be garbage. So using an SD card blows a fuse in the device that is there to protect the entire device from bad SD cards).

At the beginning of this year, I paid a significant amount of money for a special Asus laptop, including an on-site warranty, precisely because I was quite satisfied with the handling of the issues in recent years.
But from what I read from the answers people are getting in the US/CA area, I understand they are angry there and Asus has something to make up for. :).

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