Aqara Launches Smart Lock U200 With Over-the-Thread Material – Photo & Audio – News

Aqara has released its first Matter-powered smart lock via Thread. The lock will support smart home platforms like Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Home Assistant, and more. Aqara also offers a separate keypad with a fingerprint reader and NFC.

Aqara Smart Lock U200 Set
Aqara Smart Lock U200 Set

Aqara previously announced the Smart Lock U200, but now it has officially launched it. The company writes in a press release:It’s one of the first locks to support Matter over Thread protocol, which, among other things, offers better battery life than alternatives like WiFi. The manufacturer says it’s a “modified” lock that’s compatible with European and American cylinder locks. In addition to the smart functionality, users can also continue to use their physical key.

Thanks to support for the Matter global smart home standard, the Smart Lock U200 can be used with a variety of smart home platforms. Aqara mentions Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home and Home Assistant, Samsung SmartThings “and more” in its press release. This requires a Matter controller that also acts as a router for the Thread border. The manufacturer cites the Aqara M3 hub as an example. The lock can also be handled Apple Home KeyWhich allows iPhone and Apple Watch users to easily unlock via the Wallet app.

The lock can also be operated without a phone. Aqara provides a keypad for this purpose, with which users can use a PIN or their fingerprint to unlock the lock. Additionally, Aqara provides an NFC card that can be linked to the lock; these cards are also sold separately. According to the manufacturer, the lock is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, with a battery life of six months. The wireless keypad provided by Aqara uses AAA batteries or doorbell wires. The Aqara Smart Lock U200 has a suggested retail price of €280.

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