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Have you ever asked a question on chatgpt? The term AI is bigger than me and I’m not young anymore ;)

The hype is mainly around MBA, which uses the Transformer architecture introduced by Google in 2017 (this was also based on other architectures that came out earlier). So this is relatively new and there is a company that has introduced it very successfully: openai with chatgpt.

As a developer, no, let me put it another way, I can I want to As a developer you can use chatgpt or co-pilot. I actually do this every day and it saves me and I hope to find work on Stack Overflow or other websites. It gives me a much faster answer so I can do something.

Think of it a bit like IntelliSense in your development environment. You can do without it, but it’s very useful to have. It saves you time, or you are more efficient. In my opinion, Copilot or chatgpt are comparable, but in a much larger context.

I also often talk to people who have no use for ICT but use it regularly in their work and how much time it saves them. Please note that he is helping you with your work, he is not taking over your work.

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