Apple delays AI features in the EU

Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple’s annual WWDC conference

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European users of Apple products still have a long wait before they can use the recently announced AI features on their devices. The American technology company announced that it will no longer make new jobs available this year.

According to Apple, this is due to uncertainty caused by the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). This law was created to limit the power of big tech companies, ensure fairer competition and give consumers more freedom of choice.

“We are concerned that the safety of our products may be compromised by DMA, which could result in user privacy and data being compromised,” Apple said.

Apple intelligence

So iPhone Mirroring, SharePlay Screen Sharing and, perhaps most importantly, Apple Intelligence functions will not be available in the EU at the moment. Thanks to the artificial intelligence function, the virtual assistant Siri will soon be able to rewrite pieces of text, create images and create summaries of a web page, among other things. Apple’s biggest competitors, Google and Samsung, have already integrated AI functions into their phones.

Apple says it will work with the EU “to find a solution that allows us to continue offering these features to our customers in the EU without compromising their security.”

“Uncertainty surrounding the DMA” led Facebook parent Meta to wait last year before making its social media app Threads available in the EU. Twitter Alternative X launched in the US in July and only arrived in the EU in December.

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