American writer and Nobel Prize winner Louise Gluck has died at the age of 80

American writer and Nobel Prize winner Louise Gluck has died at the age of 80
In 2016, she received the National Humanities Medal from the White House

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American writer Louise Gluck dies. Three years ago she won the Nobel Prize for Literature. The jury praised her poetry and essays, among other things. Gluck was 80 and died of cancer at her home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, her publisher told the AP.

In 2020, the Nobel Committee praised Gluck’s “unmistakable poetic voice, which universalizes individual existence with austere beauty.” The committee described Gluck, 77, as one of the most influential poets in contemporary American literature.


“Her voice is clear, frank and firm. It shows that this poet wants to be understood,” said Nobel Prize Committee Chairman Anders Olsson, who also praised her biting sense of humor. Glück was the sixteenth woman to receive the Literature Prize since the institution’s inception in 1901.

The American, who also taught at Yale and Stanford, made her debut in 1968 with The firstborn. Recurring themes are family life and the relationship between parents and siblings. Poetry collection Averno (2006) was rated as brilliant by the Nobel Committee.

Glück has won numerous awards in the United States, including the Pulitzer Prize for her poetry collection Wild iris. As I got National Medal for the Humanities From then-President Obama for her work.

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