amazing! Amalia wears a sparkling dress at a noble wedding

amazing!  Amalia wears a sparkling dress at a noble wedding

Willem-Alexander, Máxima and Amalia made an unannounced, but definitely invited, appearance today at a noble wedding in Austria.

The bride is Countess Leonie von Waldburg-Zell-Hohenms, to whom Willem-Alexander is godfather. The groom is Count Caspar Matuszka.


Queen Máxima wore a red dress with a sash from the fashion house Nathan during the festive occasion (the dress code was very formal). The dress was debuted during a visit to the Caribbean and was worn again during a state visit to Belgium, see photo below.

Wine red dress with curtainsWine red dress with curtains

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Princess Amalia, in turn, wore a sparkling dress with a deep V-neck and long fringes from the waist to the ankle.


The dress is designed by Farm Rio.

Here you can see the sleeve better:

Ariane previously wore the headband for King’s Day 2023.

(c) RVD

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