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Is Meteor Lake canceled for desktops?

Unfortunately, there is no IPC boost with this 14th generation. That’s why it’s called modernization I guess, because the same architecture. I haven’t seen a higher clock frequency yet because they were already much higher with the 13th generation than with the 12th generation.

So the only big difference is the extra electronic cores. It is of little use to you for gaming. Fewer E cores are actually better because you produce less heat and because this makes a higher core frequency possible. The 13900K has a clock speed of 3.0GHz compared to 3.5GHz on the 13700K. So I prefer 13700k to 13900k. I always have Turbo Boost turned off (even when gaming, so you don’t notice a difference in performance) on my 12700K to save power and keep the computer as cool as possible.

If the specs of this rumor are correct, the 14600K looks nice as a cheap alternative to the 13700K / 12900K. Only HP and Acer wouldn’t use this i5 in their pre-made machines unfortunately. They always use i7 or i9. So, you can only have fun if you are going to build or build your own PC.

But I wouldn’t upgrade the 12700K though apparently possible due to the same socket. The chip is powerful enough and definitely more than enough for gaming. Rocket and Alder Lake both got a 20% increase in IPC which is why I’m still so good. Compared to 10700K, it is 40% faster. I only upgrade if it’s worth it. For example, I bought an i7 8700 in 2017 because that was a big difference from previous generations, which is 6-core compared to 4-core in Sandy Bridge / Ivy Bridge / Haswell / Skylake / Kaby Lake.

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