Actor Donald Sutherland (88), known for MASH and The Hunger Games, has died

Actor Donald Sutherland (88), known for MASH and The Hunger Games, has died
Donald Sutherland at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival

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Actor Donald Sutherland has died. His son Kiefer Sutherland reported that in X. The Canadian actor was known for his roles in films such as Clute, mash, Dirty scores Don’t look now, Novecento, regular people And the film series hunger Games. Sutherland was 88 years old.

Sutherland has been active as an actor since the early 1960s and has appeared in dozens of films and series. For a supporting role in the TV movie citizen Since 1995 he has won a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy Award. For his supporting role in the TV movie The road to war He won his second Golden Globe in 2003.

His son Kiefer announced his father’s death on X:

Sutherland did not receive an Oscar, but in 2017 he received recognition from the Academy, the organization behind the coveted film awards. It gave him a special Academy Award, a lifetime achievement award, for the many “indelible” and “true” roles he played during his life. In Hollywood, he was honored with a star on the Walk of Fame in 2011.

Sutherland has been married three times. With his second wife, actress Shirley Douglas, he had twins, Rachel and Kiefer Sutherland, in 1966. The latter also became a famous actor in Hollywood.

Sutherland continued acting well into old age. Various American media reported that he died in Miami after a long struggle with illness. His death came a few months before the publication of his memoirs Made up, but still true, About his life as an actor in Hollywood.

“Legendary filmography”

Many film directors responded to Sutherland’s death on social media. “I was fortunate to work with him Background draft“,” director Ron Howard wrote on X.

“He was one of the most intelligent, interesting and charismatic film actors ever. He was incredibly versatile and creative, and had the courage and dedication to serve the story and the audience with distinction,” the Hollywood director said.

Fellow Edgar Wright on Instagram recalls two of his films in which Sutherland played a leading role: Don’t look now (1973) and Invasion of Bodysnatchers (1978).

“But they are just the tip of the iceberg of his legendary filmography,” Wright writes. “He was funny and succinct, but also powerful and dramatic in many memorable films.”

Helen Mirren, who starred with Sutherland in the film Entertainment seekers (2017), praises his sharp mind and vast knowledge. “He combined such great intelligence with such profound sensitivity. All of this made him the screen legend that he became.”

“We have lost a legend, a veteran actor who created unique and believable characters every time he was in front of the camera,” wrote John Cassar, who directed both Donald and Kiefer Sutherland in 2015. forsaken, On X.

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