A truck driver died on the Belgian Ring Road [+foto’s]

A truck driver died on the Belgian Ring Road [+foto’s]

ZAVENTEM – A 54-year-old Belgian truck driver died in a single-car accident at the Brussels circuit on Wednesday morning.

The accident caused traffic disruption on the Brussels Ring Road throughout Wednesday morning. The Brussels Loop was completely closed for a while, but is now free again.

The outer ring remains closed to all traffic for the time being, the Flemish Traffic Center reports.

At around 5 a.m. on Wednesday, the truck overturned on the Brussels Ring Road near Zaventem-Hinolaan. The truck passed the central reservation. The Federal Police confirmed to Belgian media that the truck driver was Belgian and had died.

The truck lost part of its grain load.

No other cars were involved in the accident.

For photos of the accident click here

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