A Swiss museum removes paintings by Van Gogh and other paintings to reveal their connection to Nazism RTL News

Zwitsers museum haalt Van Gogh en andere doeken weg om nazilink

Other paintings from Emile Bourle’s collection in question are by Gustave Courbet, Claude Monet, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Paul Gauguin. It will be removed from the museum on June 20.


Buehrle was a German-born arms dealer who became wealthy during World War II. His private collection has often been linked to looting by the Nazis.

The plates were recently re-examined after the US State Department issued new guidelines. This investigation revealed that the works may have been stolen.

the museum He says he will now enter into discussions With the descendants of the previous owners of the paintings to find a solution. “It is unfortunate that the works are no longer available to visitors, but we believe we are doing the right thing.”

Suite 200 million

the Buehrle Group One of the highlights was the newly opened pavilion in 2021 (cost: €200 million). The municipality that contributed to the expansion of the museum He wanted to do research To the origin of the works in the group.

The museum made adjustments last year. For example, it was promised to “put the works in context,” but according to critics, little attention was paid to the fate of the previous Jewish owners.

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