A new Philips Hue light strip is on the way: thinner, longer and cheaper

Nieuwe Philips Hue-lightstrip op komst: dunner, langer en goedkoper

It looks like you’ll soon be able to light up more of your home for less, if you like Philips Hue. A new light bar with a new design has been leaked.

Although the light bar has not yet been officially revealed, the new Philips Hue bulb has already been revealed turns up In the Best Buy web store. The light bar is not only interesting because of its five-meter length, but the relatively low price is also eye-catching. The light bar is offered for $89.99, which works out to about €100 here.

The five-meter Philips Hue light strip is not currently available, but you can purchase a two-meter one that you add pieces to. In the official Philips Hue store, you pay €89.99 for the two-meter strip and then €24.99 for each additional metre.

The design of the light bar also appears to have been slightly modified. The lamp looks thinner than the previous version. Although you can shorten the light strip, it is not possible to extend it further. It is not yet clear whether the updated design will also be offered in other sizes.

More information about the new bedside lamp

More information about the previously leaked Philips Hue bedside lamp is also available. according to Hublog He called the lamp twilight. Not only does the light come from under the lamp shade, but the light also shines from the back of the lamp. By combining the two light sources, Twilight mimics the feeling of sunrise and sunset.

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