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There’s been uncertainty about Season 19 of “Sister Wives” for some time: Will it come or not after Garrison’s death? And if so, when can fans expect it? The Brown family hasn’t revealed much about this yet, but an insider has now revealed something about the start date. And not only that: he also promises to create TikTok videos about all the family events.

The Brown family probably wouldn’t be happy with an insider talking about the problems in the family. It’s about Benjamin Brown, Cody’s nephew. Benjamin is the son of Scott Brown, Cody’s older brother. Benjamin also grew up in a polygamous environment, but he never got over it Sister wives. However, in a TikTok video, he promised that he would be participating in the show from now on, by watching all the episodes for the first time and providing a personal commentary.

He also says in the video that he will reveal the start date of season 19. According to Benjamin Sister wives It airs again on TLC starting in early August. Seasons usually start from Sister wives Not until later in the year, but it’s possible that given all the events of the last few months, including Garrison’s death, they’ve now pushed the start date forward. The start date has not been confirmed by TLC itself, so it cannot be said with certainty whether Benjamin’s claim and future statements are true.

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