Letters to the Editor


Letter to the Editor: Dean Ronald E. Shields

Dear Editor, The severe thunderstorm and flooding that took place last Thursday demonstrated the power of journalism working to serve our local community. It was a proud moment to see multiplatform and production students from SHSU’s Department of...


Letter to and from the Editor – Issue 6

Letter to the Editor  Katelyn Mattingly, Guest Writer Being Greek isn’t about the elaborate parties or the comfort color shirts we make for every event. It is not about bid days, crafting or Total Frat Move. Being in Greek Life is so much more...


Letters to the Editor – Volume 126 Issue 6

Letters to the Editor received in response to Issue 6’s “Paws up” printed on September 16th. “PAWS UP to Rush Week: Mom and dad cough up that cash for you to have friends while you sit back and reap the rewards (A broken wine...

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