Graphic by Manjot Jawa | The Houstonian

The Octogenarian: A Miracle on Campus

The Octogenarian recalls a modern day Jewish miracle that occurred right here on the Sam Houston State University campus during the Jews on Campus celebration of Sukkoth. An act of nature and the kindness of strangers helped make this year’s...


Viewpoints Section = Opinions Section

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all social media outlets that were explicitly designed to help people express their opinions. The news, on the other hand is a completely neutral information source that in no way shape or form takes any one side....


200,000 Snapchat leaks and it is all your fault

Internet trolls are at it again, and this time you do not have to be famous to be exploited! Snapchat, an app that – let’s face it – is basically for sending racy pictures, hypothetically without them being able to stab you in the back...


Turn down your partying to stay alive

If you were to ask any college student how they spend their time (aside from class because we are good students that always attend class), what would you think is the most common answer? Homework and studying? Participating in extracurricular...

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