UK porn law good compromise, but deeply flawed

On the tip of it, the UK internet pornography law seems quite reasonable. Search results will automatically exclude adult content, but households can choose to opt out at their discretion. It is designed to allow people who want porn opt out of...


Becoming a vegetarian: What SHSU can do for you

Follow @wokawokarichard Vegetarians are not rabbits. We dont just nibble on lettuce all the time. This seems to be a common misconception; one which Sam Houston Dining Services took seriously. I spoke with SH Dining Services Marketing Coordinator...


Groups in LSC area too pushy for some students

Follow @morgiemayy Walking through the area in front of the Lowman Student Center to go to class has become a bit of a chore. With different groups yelling at you to take a look at their table and others with members running around thrusting flyers...


Bring love back to Valentines Day

Extravagant bouquets, chocolates, cheesy life-sized teddy bears and expensive gifts are synonymous with Valentines Day, but what happened to the love aspect of the holiday? (And I dont just mean sex). Showering someone with gifts is not a way to...

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