Turn down your partying to stay alive

If you were to ask any college student how they spend their time (aside from class because we are good students that always attend class), what would you think is the most common answer? Homework and studying? Participating in extracurricular...


Lunchtime rules: how not to starve when on campus

By the time noon rolls around, the parking lots are overflowing and stomachs all over campus are growling on empty. It is hard to concentrate in class, especially when all you can think about is the location of your next meal. Lunchtime is like...


Stop the Selfies and Start Supporting

Sam Houston State University has more than 19,000 students enrolled and only about 700 students go to a game. That includes our cheerleaders, band and Orange Pride dancers. If I were to sum this up, I would say our Bearkat spirit is weak and...


Letters – Advising

I was pleased to see in the “Viewpoints” article by Ms. Maharaj (“The main point of getting advised: To remove advising hold”) in which she focused on advising that she recommended “not waiting until the last minute” to be advised.  I...

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