Societies Delightful Oreos

An African-American takes a deeper look at racial tensions caused by speech. Each culture formulates their own version of slang and mannerisms in speech but when an individual breaks the mold and speaks in a proper manner they are immediately...


Is Dead Week really necessary?

As finals approach and the semester comes to a close, students prepare for the hardest tests and projects of the year. Some universities offer a dead week period where they will get time off to study for exams. However, do students really need this...


A note on finals stress

Finals are next week and most of the student body is freaking out. As professors pile on extra material they did not cover earlier and add last minute tests and projects into the mix, stress levels all over campus are on the rise. Here a few ways...


A students guide on how to get an A

With the end of the semester drawing near, time is more precious than ever. Now is the time to freak out about passing or failing those, oh so, vital classes. Will you make it or break it?


How to survive Black Friday sales

The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year. It is known as Black Friday and everyone from the craziest to the bargain shoppers come out to strike a deal on a prized item.

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