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#OscarsSoWhite: A student’s perspective

Racism. I’m sure we all have a range of vague definitions we associate with this term, condemning many of them. Blood on the leaves of the American tree, still growing in soil enriched in historical indigestion. “Everything is not a racial...

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Bearkat Bite: New Year’s Resolutions

Keeping up with your New Year’s resolution can be tough- especially when your goal is to eat healthier and exercise more. You may not have the funds or the time to carry on your resolution like you did at the beginning of the year because of the...

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Letter to the Editor: Thank You from Kevin Morris

To the editor: My name is Kevin Morris and I have the honor and privilege as serving as the chief of police for the Sam Houston State University Police Department. Over the last year, incidents in policing regarding the use of force have dominated...

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Lessons Learned from 2015 Financial Market

1) More research doesn’t make you more accurate than others. 2) Stocks that go up don’t make it expensive and stocks that go down don’t make it cheap, either. Unfortunately 2015 wasn’t a year that oil companies in South-eastern Texas...

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Campus Carry: A Student’s Perspective

As a gun owner, I am happy that the Open-Carry law was passed. However, I do believe that more steps should be taken to ensure that this right and privilege is not misused. I would prefer that the men and women participating in open carry be forced...

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Letter from the Editor

My former editor and I used to exchange repartee regarding my one day being editor-in-chief. He halfway joked that everyone who covers student government eventually finds their way to the boss’s chair. My rebuttal was simple: No thanks. Ever. As a...

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Top 10 “Most Broken” New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Years, Bearkats! I hope everyone had a great winter break. Now, I know a lot of us made some New Year’s Resolutions. You know that ‘New Year, New Me’ saying? Nine times out of ten our resolutions get broken, a lot of us may follow...

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