steve bannon

Talking About Bannon’s Removal

Of all the various components of Trump’s circus of administration, the most surreal has to be how everyone else associated with him turns out to be even more awful. This ranges from the mindless tools like Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway and Dr. Ben...

13 reasons why

13 Things To Learn from ’13 Reasons Why’

With the release of “13 Reasons Why”, we have all spent hours curled up in bed, watching Hannah’s life play out. We have listened to all thirteen tapes with Clay, felt Hannah’s pain, experienced Clay’s anger and imagined the unbearable...


How Google Is Raising Our Kids

Technology is on the rise; some may even say that it is taking over. As young adults, we had the opportunity to know a bit of the world before technology became such a prominent force in our lives.  We grew up with flip phones and having to...


Why Drake’s “More Life” is Semi-Trash?

Drake released his new album “More Life” which many are settling for a positive opinion of it. I am here to tell you the opposite. I have been a fan of Aubrey Graham since the early 2009. Before the mainstream collaborations and trap sound. I...


How Immigration is affecting the US

When you think of immigration the first thing you think about is how Christopher Columbus sailed the Atlantic Ocean in 1492. There, he proceeded to find that all men living in this foreign land were not “white men,” as they called themselves....

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