Adding Feng shui To Your Lifestyle

For most of us a room is a simple place to lay our head down. It can transform into an impromptu movie theater for Netflix binge nights. They can become the go-to area for studying for that next exam.  But did you know that every aspect of your...


“Free” College in New York

You may have heard the rumors buzzing about tuition-free education programs in New York. If you’re like me, you gave into the click bait with media headlines like, “Free College Tuition”, or “Gov. Cuomo’s Tuition-Free Legislation...


From Center to Far-Left: The Trump Effect

I spent the first 17 years of my life in dark-red Alaska. I grew up amongst hunters, fishers and farmers. Most people around me, including most of my family were very conservative. I spent most summers of my youth with my Grandparents in Huntsville,...


Switching To Renewable Energy

The fossil fuel energy that we have been using since the last century has given us an abundance of necessaries and comforts, but these have come at an enormous cost. Based on comparison of human induced and natural climate drivers, the Union of...

steve bannon

Talking About Bannon’s Removal

Of all the various components of Trump’s circus of administration, the most surreal has to be how everyone else associated with him turns out to be even more awful. This ranges from the mindless tools like Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway and Dr. Ben...

13 reasons why

13 Things To Learn from ’13 Reasons Why’

With the release of “13 Reasons Why”, we have all spent hours curled up in bed, watching Hannah’s life play out. We have listened to all thirteen tapes with Clay, felt Hannah’s pain, experienced Clay’s anger and imagined the unbearable...

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