The Father of Rock and Roll

On Mar. 18 a rock legend and an American music icon, Chuck Berry passed away. His innovative sound not only inspired thousands of artists but it also resonates in every Rock and Roll song in existence. Chuck Berry’s music started a genre that was...


Populism in America

They both strike the air with their fists to the enchantment of their audience. At the applause and cheering, subtly rallying desire for revolution in their crowd. They were of different eras, but with the same message. The two orators I am...


Oscars 2017: Big Names, Big Movies, Big Mess Ups

The 89th Academy Awards was hosted last Sunday at the Dolby Theatre in LA. Big names, big movies, and big mess-ups filled the night. Big Names included famous talk show host Jimmy Kimmel who served as emcee and Justin Timberlake who provided the on...


Competitive Gaming: An Outsider’s Perspective

Let’s start this with a disclaimer, I am NOT a gamer. However, this does not mean that I have never played video games before; it just means that I am not competitive. I unknowingly acquired a bunch of League of Legends gamers as friends this past...

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