The Market: An Intro

A new weekly series breaks down the ups and downs of a volatile market. As stocks fluctuate our resident market analyst will help you navigate Wall Street.


Immigrants: Our stories

America is a melting pot, a stew of different peoples, cultures and traditions. For generations, families, workers and those looking for a fresh start crossed the Atlantic on vessels afloat with all their hopes and dreams. Over the years, the manner...


The Best of Huntsville

From the university, to the restaurants, to what might be the most random attraction a city could possibly have, here is why this city is unique among the others of Texas. This is what makes Huntsville, Huntsville.

Image from National Archives and Records Administration (ARC  542015)

What MLK means to me

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. left behind a legacy that still echoes in every aspect of our lives today. He is remembered and celebrated for all that he achieved within his too short life and thereafter.


Welcome back, Bearkats!

There are a few of us, me included, who thought that the winter holiday was a bit too long. Do not get me wrong, I was more than ready to be done with school for a bit. However, after about the third week in, things became a bit boring and...

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