Peer confrontations

Gather round children, it is story time. Grab your juice box and your favorite blanket, it is quite a long story, so get comfortable. Once upon a time, there was a large group of friends. At first, they all got along well. It started off as cordial,...


Why I’m stepping up at The Houstonian

I never imagined being editor-in-chief of a newspaper this way. It’s not because I’m not confident in my abilities to write, edit and lead a staff, but I shouldn’t be taking over a paper with six issues left in the semester. Due to unforeseen...

Dharmesh Patel | The Houstonian

POSHSU: Kathryn Garner

  “I chose Sam because I came from the largest graduating class in the nation (Plano East Senior High School with 1600 graduating seniors in my class), and I didn’t want to go to a huge university, but I didn’t want to go to...


Why I’m leaving The Houstonian

Fifty issues. I have been editor-in-chief of The Houstonian for 50 issues. Well, 56 if you include the six summer editions, but those don’t really count – 50 is a nice, even number. So let’s go with that. I will be leaving The Houstonian to...


I Got You Girl: Transgender America

I was flipping through what is left of my botched Suddenlink channels (yes, after all this time I am still bitter) and came across a commercial for ABC Family’s new controversial show “My Transparent Life”, a docuseries following the success...

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