Campus Culture


SHSU Creates: Amber Battle

Pick a point in history and see if it doesn’t include a tale of exploration. Find a time when not any one person desired to conquer another land. Dig through the fine print and explain what propels mankind to travel. Is it fate? Destiny? Or is...


Italian cuisine done right in college

Italian restaurants and Mexican restaurants share quite a bit in common. They pop up on every corner of small towns, they can be pricey or budget-friendly, and they always claim to be the authentic experience of their respective country. As much as...


The Defenders arrive on Netflix

The Defenders is the three-year culmination of Netflix’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of the four series, three have received positive feedback while the other has been bashed since release. This has made the anticipation for the new series much...

fifth harmony

Fifth Harmony’s new self-titled album

Fifth Harmony released their self-titled album on Aug. 25, unveiling ten new songs. With the album being available everywhere, fans were pleased with the release. The album extends the groups points of love, looks, and youth. Despite the fact that...


Humans at Sam: Dr. E’Loria Simon-Campbell

The vast majority of people have a love-hate relationship with hospitals: it’s the last place someone wants to be until it’s actually necessary. And even then, it’s debatable. The trauma, the needles, the uncertainty and the dreaded bills...

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