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Frontier Review: Netflix New Pioneering Drama

Period pieces are nothing new. Tales set in olden times, such as “The Tudors”, “Marco Polo”, “Jane Eyre”, “Reign” and “The Crown”, are as normal as the vigilante overload trending in theaters and on television networks. One new...


Sampha’s Debut: Process

Sampha released his debut album “Process” on February 3. ‘Process’ is a ten-song album filled with stirring emotional thoughts and potent sounds. Sampha has featured in many songs of some of our favorite artists, including Frank Ocean’s...


Humans At Sam: Rebecca Finley

Rebecca Finley has been taking photos since she was 8 years old when her mom bought her a purple Avon camera. “I immediately started taking pictures of everything. My dolls, the toilet flushing, I even dressed my little brother up and took...


Women’s History Month Kicks Off

The U.S. is full of rich history, so much in fact that we have months dedicated to different portions of our history. For March, it is Women’s History Month. Phi Alpha Theta, the National History Honor Society, hosted a Lecture delivered by SHSU...

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Women’s Poetry Slam on March 8

Let’s Get Loud, a newly founded organization at Sam Houston State University, will be hosting their first event, the Inaugural Women’s Poetry Slam, today at the Vortexan at 5 p.m. in honor of International Women’s Day. The poetry slam will be...

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