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Filmmakers Shine at the SHSU Film Festival

Sam Houston State University Mass Communication students were given the chance to show-off their original films at the 2017 Sam Houston Film Festival on April 27 in the Gaertner Performing Arts Center. Byproducts of free-rein storytelling, these...

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‘Hairspray’ Review: You’re Already Missing Out

Sam Houston State University’s Department of Theatre and Musical Theatre’s “Hairspray” has been sold out for days, showings begin tonight at 8 p.m. ”Hairspray” is a different sort of production for SHSU. It’s a Tony award-winning show...


Prison Break Makes a Return

The beloved thriller show “Prison Break” has returned in a sequel series entitled “Prison Break: Resurrection”.  The Resurrection series is a mini-series and it has already been confirmed to only extend to 9 episodes. The...


Student Film Festival Hosted by Film Society

One great opportunity always offered at college campuses is being able to view the creations of young artists who may very well premiere their work The SHSU Film Society held a showcase of the short films made by their students on April 21. They...


“The Void” Review: Avoid Watching

This Canadian horror film may entice John Carpenter fans into watching its beautifully disgusting practical affects and survival horror-esque set up, but “The Void’s” suicidal storytelling and terrible character dynamics annihilates any chance...

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