• Nathan Maxwell

    This is so lame. You’re just trying to justify your opinions by stating them as facts, in a way where there’s absolutely zero support (other than with more opinions, figures). Everything you say is relative to any genre out there, where there will be specific songs that are “offensive, misogynistic, and pandering to a certain set of people,” as you put it and there will be people out there that will live their lives as if they were instructed by the music they listen to. You’re just choosing to make the genre of focus country, instead of rock or rap (which you’re defending, I assume because it isn’t seen as popular with white people) but it feels like you just wanted to stir up some hate on both sides and force an argument based on your extremely biased ‘viewpoint.’

    As I said at first, this is very lame and it’s sad things like this are posted strictly to stir the pot. If you want people to agree with you, or if you want meaningful discussion, research more, back up your opinions, and eliminate your obvious biases.

  • Kaylea Daigle

    Honestly, you should write something like this about all genres of music, not just country music. You’ve written amazing pieces in the past, this though, you hit rock bottom. I saw your Facebook posts about how you didn’t want to write about country music, and how you hated it with a passion. You should’ve been a man and said something along the lines of not being able to write an article that wouldn’t offend multitudes of people just because you aren’t from here and don’t understand the true meanings behind country music.

    Also, you should have gone to the roots, or started with people like Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton, among others.

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